The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Video Guide To Unlocking Your Inner Badass (And The Oblivion Walker Achievement)


There are those that say, “better late than never.”  Those people have never: conceptualized, researched, play-tested, captured, edited, rendered, commentated, re-rendered and uploaded 30 hours of raw footage into a seamless three-and-one-half-hour extravaganza of gameplay walkthrough commentary.  In truth, half of life is timing and if you don’t hit your cues you could miss opportunity; but there is also something equally stirring to be said for quality.  It’s with that mindset that I can finally unveil this little number – a project I’ve toiled over for many a moon.

TESV: Skyrim landed, nay, impacted on the scene back in November and the reverberations are still being felt throughout.  A quick glance at my list of virtual friends tells me no less than two would-be adventurers are playing it at any one time.  It speaks volumes in this day and age when an offering with no multiplayer component has the kind of staying power we’ve come to associate with all incarnations of the The Elder Scrolls series.  Furthermore, if we used Oblivion’s shelf life as a measuring stick, we could surmise that Skyrim is going to be spinning in disc drives and squatting in hard drives for months if not years to come.

Below you’ll find an embedded playlist of fifteen high-definition, commentated video walkthroughs designed to net you over a dozen fantastical daedric artifacts, all for the price of admission (which is free.)  Contained within each part – blood, sweat and tears notwithstanding – are a few laughs, a whole lot of information and an exciting quest that will yield a powerful item of deadric lore upon completion.  Once you’ve collected said mystical relics you will be the proud recipient of the “Oblivion Walker” Achievement/Trophy; a staple for any collector of virtual milestones.  Hopefully you enjoy and find these walkthroughs helpful; I personally love these quests because they’re the quintessential reason I enjoy this genre – to travel to distant lands, meet unfathomably powerful entities and take their l00tz!

For a better experience, visit this playlist on our Youtube channel found HERE.  Otherwise, enjoy below: