Getting Strung Along: Waiting for The Old Republic


I have almost lost track of the amount of time I have been waiting to plunge back into the Old Republic Universe of Star Wars. Ever since my first experience in the galaxy way before the dark times and way before the Empire, I have adopted the Old Republic storyline that Bioware has created as the only truly acceptable Star Wars cannon (other than the OGs of course). If you don’t believe the prequel trilogy is complete ass pie, than the Dark Side has blinded you, or you just haven’t seen the Star Wars reviews. In either case, Bioware’s upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, has grabbed me by the seat of my pants, dragging me helplessly into a pit of anticipation where I am fed tiny game updates that will sustain me while I am slowly digested over 1000 years.

Random Star Wars references aside, the game updates are really killing me. Every time a new update is released, whether it be a new class progression montage, a timeline video, or a developer diary, I just take that new info and eat it up. I have pretty much decided that I am going to play every one of the classes as my first character at one point or another — imagining what it would be like to collect carbonite frozen bounties, duel a Sith Lord or fly the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. Every new screenshot is analysed, concept art is admired and sometimes I even just end up reading random comments on the official site of future players bickering with each other.

All of these obsessive issues I am having can basically be narrowed down to one aspect of The Old Republic that has not yet been revealed to the public — the release date. If those nerf herders at Bioware would just tell the world the date the game is coming out, I wouldn’t be like this. Every time I check for updates, I am hoping for the long awaited announcement. If the release date was announced many gamers probably would discontinue their weekly visit. Maybe Bioware is just keeping fans interested with the little nibbles and treats in the Friday updates. To me there is really nothing more exciting than running around in the Star Wars universe with lightsaber in hand and my own version of R2D2 in tow. Stop torturing your loyal fans Bioware and just tell us how long we have to wait. But even if you don’t anytime soon, I’ll still wait.